As a political-military platform to rule over the world, supranational big finance used the British Empire up to the twenties. Between the two World Wars, as the Empire was declining under the weight of debt, big finance replaced it with the USA.

Nowadays it seems to be set to replace the USA with China, whose centralistic and autocratic regime better suits the needs of the current absolute capitalism than the Western culture and practices, as it does not recognise individual rights and liberties.

In 1991, to enable China to become a trading giant and supplant Japan as a manufacturing power, via the Bank of Japan it cut Japan's liquidity by 30% overnight, plunging it into a dramatic recession and stagnation from which he has not substantially risen yet

Over the last decades, Americans have been induced by short-sighted greed to transfer to China large parts of their manufacturing industry, thus dismantling their national production and contracting a massive commercial debt. Their society and their educational level have dramatically declined in comparison with China’s.

China is currently using a biological weapon, purposefully created by its military, to cause enormous but asymmetrical harm worldwide, thus gaining in terms of GDP ( + 1,2%) and export (+ 10%) whilst the West will shrink by 8,5% this years. Another two blows like this, and the game will be over: America and its allies will be plunged into a final economic and social crisis. China recovers much faster because its régime is dictatorial and able to sustain huge human and material losses for the sake of international expansion. Don’t forget that Maoism starved to death 65 millions to build up China’s commercial power.

Big nationless (and unaccountable) finance, in order to strengthen ad advantage China over the USA as the new platform for global dominance, is currently sabotaging the West by means of a fearmongering campaign of disinformation, which multiplies by at least a tenfold the victims of the Covid 19 in order to justify stringent measures that are crippling economy, employment, the morale, and pushing democracies straight into the Chinese model.

At this turning point, if in America there remain forces that do not accept this fate of submission, their sole option is to launch a war aimed at destroying the Chinese power in the short time left. War may not mean a missile strike against China and be limited to a tight embargo along with a naval blockade. In any case, before long, we will therefore see what course the world is going to take.

Theoretically, America has an alternative option to war: replace the Dollar, which, as cvirtually all currencies in use today, is an indebting currency, with a debt-free state currency, issued by the Treasury. This would release the country from the burden of debt, both public and private, domestic and foreign, and would boost the economy. But this is not going to happen, given that money creation is the ultimate privilege of the big finance guild, and the two presidents who durst issue debt-free Treasury notes – i.e. A. Lincoln and J.F. Kennedy – were both assassinated. On the other hand, if the option above were to materialise, it would entail a rise in pollution and consumption of raw material, which would result in an ecologic catastrophe and in conflictual competions between powers to grab the remaining resources of the planet.

11.10.2020 Marco Della Luna


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